My work meditates on the tension between wanting a traditional feminine existence, and also wanting to challenge that existence.  As a feminist I am self-conscious of my own nurturing impulses, and as an artist I choose to analyze and dissect these impulses to find what contributes to that tension.  Using exaggeration, irony, or humor, my work strives to make an uneasy emotional connection with the viewer in order to mirror my own uneasiness with gendered expectations.

 Conceptual versus materials driven, my work takes a number of forms including roast chickens, love letters, and hand-knit installations.  Many times my art is expressed as a gift for the viewer in order to make a direct connection with him or her.  However, these gifts are questionably genuine, passive-aggressive, or potentially dominant.  Impotent gift giving is how I attempt to communicate on a personal level with the viewer while also engaging with ideas of authenticity, love, and gender.